Set up is simple and allows you a wide variety of tools to run a successful organization.

Current Features:

  • Your own free web page.  You can have a web site up and running in minutes that has tons of features and very easy to use. You can even use phone apps to send updates to it.
  • If you have your own domain, you can point it to your ScoutLife page.  Our Hosting is free.
  • Tons of free features so you can control the look and feel of your web site. some examples are google analytics, SEO, a blog, custom pages for your control.
  • Contact form.  A secure form for prospective members to contact you. You created a page to attract new youth, make it easy for them to reach out to you.
  • Private and public photo galleries.  Either hosted by us or linked to your Picasa account.
  • You can establish as many groups as you like for better communication
  • Examples of groups: Troop, Pack, Committee, Dens, Patrols.  Groups can be “child groups” of “parent groups”. ie, a patrol is listed under the Troop, which is listed under the council.
  • Create temporary groups for large events such as a those going to the Jamboree, summer camp, etc.  This way you can focus messages just to those people.
  • Group discussions, aka forums.  Allows all levels of discussion from youth, leaders and parents.  Levels can be set to private so the outside world cannot see.
  • Features will be added soon where you can create a to do list for a group.  Every time your members log in, they are reminded to pack a payment, enter in needed information, download forms, etc. Whatever you need you can create a friendly reminder.
  • As a leader you can easily set up events that will show on your web site calendar.
  • Members can notify you they will attend with one click.
  • Get a list of attendees.
  • Set max occupancy.
  • Set fees and receive payments.
  • In your profile see all the events your are attending.
  • Events for specific groups show up in the group profile as well as your main site calendar.
  • Multiple ways to remind people registered for events.  Easily send updates.
  • Transfer money between youth and organization for camping trips, fees, events etc.  No more begging for them to bring checks.  Their parents can also top up their account from home. Easy!
  • Finally a great system to keep track of where all your organizations property is!
  • Check in and out
  • Have full contact info of person in possession of your items.
  • Bar code everything if you want to!


Tying it all together
  • Most  of us are in multiple groups. (I have a son and daughter both in scouts.  I am a leader, commissioner, parent, and volunteer for a variety of events) Now all of those organizations my family is participating in, all of the events we are attending, etc are in one place to manage.
  • I am now connected with my troop, my kids troops, the council, the district and patrols. In one place!
There are tons of new features coming soon. Some include:
  • Rank advancement.  (We are not rushing this to market, though I know a lot of you want this now.) We want this done right, and done well.
  • Leader training tracking (the BSA is requiring all leaders to be trained, get a snapshot of your committee with one click)
  • Fundraiser tracking