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SEO and ScoutLife end of year review

Happy New Year!

Exciting news!

2013 was a fun, exhilarating and sometimes frustrating year! We went from 25,000 users and byDec 31, we will have over 50,000. Wow! 50,000 people using our free services to help their nonprofits makes us very happy!

The last Newsletter I touched on some of the new features to help you such as the newsletter program and quartermaster. We have now added barcode function to the quartermaster so you can easily do a quick inventory.

Today I wanted to write about a new service we are going to offer once we get the new software. SEO and Web Ranking features to show you how your web page and social media are performing versus your competitors.

We are all going after the same pool of charitable money, so it is best if you leverage your internet presence. Every bit helps!

Since most of us are volunteers with regular jobs, you will find this software valuable for your businesses as well. We only run reports for nonprofits, so you will need to buy your own copy.


Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager are two wonderful products. They are simple to install and get running within an hour for basic reports.

Let me step through what we have used so far:


The backbone of searches are your keywords. What are people using to find your web site? Where do you rank with your competition? This program allows you to easily enter your website,the key words you want to focus on, and what search engines to look at. (All of this can be easily changed, added to, or removed)

And the best part is, you can enter your competitions web site and see how they compare to you! I call this the foundation of of your SEO.


Another great feature is the report on the amount of backlinks coming into your web site. The more you have from reliable web pages increases your ranking. Google has always weighed this pretty heavy in their algorithm.

But there is dark side to backlinks. Some may hurt your ranking. The nice thing about the software it is shows you the score of the links coming in. This gives you a working list on what links, if bad, to have removed, and where to focus to improve your score.

Adwords and PPC

Does your organization spend money on adwords? I have one client who spends $15,000 a month and they were even sure if it was working until I started running reports. With this software I am able to show them side by side the PPC performance vs the organic and they trimmed their budget by 50%. A penny saved is a penny earned and in their case that money now goes towards more programs for youth art programs! Win!

Social Media

Does your nonprofit or business handle multiple facebook pages and twitter accounts? Are you using G+ correctly? This software will monitor all your accounts and show you the data in one easy report.


Whenever you update your data for a report, the system will send you an alert if something looks wrong. We saw this when a client dropped ten places on one of his rankings.

All of this is just scratching the surface of what this software can do. We are excited to help out nonprofits in setting up these new reports one we obtain a full license. If you are a business owner or in the world of marketing (outside of all your volunteering!) I highly recommend checking out their web site.

If you are too busy or need help, feel free to contact me and I can either set up reporting for you for a fee or step you through on setting up the software. It really is quite easy.

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Currently ScoutLife will handle 70 different languages.

We will customize your site and help you in getting use to how it work.  It is pretty easy and you will be up and running in no time.