Moving out of Beta

ScoutLife is moving out of Beta and accepting new units to use the site. This is a free service with new features being added weekly.

By April 1st we will have an online form to fill out to add your organization.

Thank you for your patience!



We have now created a wiki for each organization.

This can be a great tool to help share information.  There is no point in new leaders having to learn everything from scratch.  Share what you have learned and let them build on that.

If you can, please come to the page and share with the world.  We always welcome new content and ideas!



Hosted Domains

Do you currently have your own domain name, and your web site is hosted somewhere else?

Want to have it here for free at ScoutLife?

Not a problem.  We have domain name processing.  Sounds technical, but it is really easy.  If you own, it will show up just like that on ScoutLife!

Plus you get all the cool features we currently have and are rolling out.  Best part yet, you wont have to lift a finger, we do the upgrades for you for free!


Easy web sites, fun features, keep your youth engaged in your program.  That’s what we are all about here at ScoutLife!





Facebook Connect

You can now connect your site to Facebook!

Some things you will need

1. Facebook Place Page (with not work with Group page, sorry)

2. A facebook API.


Set up is simple.  After creating your group page at facebook, go under plugins here on ScoutLife.  Activate the facebook plugin and follow the instructions.

Features you can now use:

1. Facebook sign in.

2. Automatic posts to your facebook place page. Post once in ScoutLife, and facebook gets the information.

3. Widgets to place on your web site for members to add themselves, see facebook activity etc.


Enjoy!  As always, contact us if you need help up.



Google Analytics

Now you can track your own analytics for your web page!

Settings are simple:

1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Click Google Analytics in your dashboard.

3. Enter your tracking code from Google. Click here if you don’t have one yet  Google Analytics

4. Click Save.  You are done!